Premarital Counseling

So You Want To Get MARRIED

Help me complete the following sentence.

“Love is…”

“BLIND” is the standard answer. But it isn’t true.

Love isn’t BLIND.

It is quite the opposite.

Love is seeing your fiancé with your eyes wide open—seeing all of their imperfections and faults… and choosing to love them anyway.

It is seeing their quirks and the annoying things that they do… and still accepting them for who they are.

No, love is not blind.

But I can tell you WHAT IS BLIND:


The fear of being alone is an overpowering emotion that causes you overlook the destructive things that your fiancé brings to the relationship.

It lowers your standards to allow toxic people into your life… people who aren’t good for you… and who don’t have your best interests at heart.

Don’t do it!

I can’t stress it enough that you should never marry someone if you have the slightest doubt about his or her commitment to you and to the marriage you are contemplating together.

Don’t do it if you have the slightest hint that your fiancé is unwilling to do the work required to hold the marriage together during the tough times…

… and there will be tough times.

Don’t do it if your spouse demonstrates aggressive or dangerous behaviors, such as slapping you in the face or punching you during your courtship—no matter how many tears he cries or how much he apologizes and says it will never happen again…

… he will strike you again, and again.

Don’t do it if your fiancé degrades you or insults you—calling you names and spewing insulting criticism aimed at hurting you…

… because it won’t be a “one-time thing.”

What We Offer You and Your Marriage

We will teach you how to communicate better and to listen to your spouse in order to hear what he/she is trying to tell you.

We will teach you basic conflict resolution skills before they are needed in your marriage.

We provide temperament counseling to all our engaged couples. This will clearly point out those areas in your lives where conflicts will most likely arise. If you are aware of them before the conflict reveals itself, you can identify the actions necessary to resolve the conflict more easily.

Finally, and most importantly, we teach you the activities that have proven to create love in your relationship. If you apply these activities in your relationship daily, then you will always have a reservoir of love upon which to draw during the tough times in your marriage.

Avoid the Rough Patches!

If you are thinking about getting married, then we invite you to contact us for our no nonsense, pragmatic approach to premarital counseling.

Let us teach you how to use these tools and provide you with the resources needed to help you avoid the rough patches in your marriage.

Contact us today. (434) 328-9597. We can help.