Individual Counseling

Thinking is Not Believing

You don’t act on what you think is true. You act on what you believe is true.

What you believe about yourself provides the foundation for all of your behaviors. It doesn’t matter how you came to believe the things you do about yourself.

For example, it could be that you have an extensive amount positive support and affirmation, and because of that you know what you need to think about yourself in order to be successful.

However, if you don’t believe these thoughts about yourself, your behavior will reflect your non-belief, and you won’t be successful.

Conversely, you may be surrounded by negative messaging and people who tell you that you will never amount to anything. You may even find yourself thinking those same thoughts to yourself from time to time.

However, if you refuse to believe them, then your behaviors will reflect your beliefs, and you will be successful in spite of what others tell you.

Individual Counseling Can Help

Individual counseling, sometimes called psychotherapy or talk therapy, is the foundation of all other forms of counseling.

It’s the vehicle that a counselor uses to help you learn what you believe about yourself and others.

Individual counseling is a proven pathway to personal change.

Discovering Underlying Beliefs

Discovering the underlying beliefs that are shaping how you respond to the world around you can be life changing.

At Innovo Christian Counseling Center, we help you to identify flawed beliefs and thinking patterns that contribute to feelings of anxiety, depression, toxic shame, compulsive behaviors and many other disorders.

Changing Underlying Beliefs

In order to change what you believe about yourself, you need an atmosphere where your unique story can be heard.

When a neutral party (a counselor) is present with you to arbitrate the conflicts between what you think and believe, it is easier to change what you truly believe about yourself.

We strive to give a voice to that part of you that is causing internal conflict, without the shaming that comes from judgmental friends or family members. We act as guides helping you find congruency between what you think and what you believe.

Finding Peace Again

That’s what you are ultimately looking isn’t it? For things to change? To feel that peace?

Shed your defeatist way of thinking and the mindset that you lack what it takes to be successful in life.

Don’t fear success any longer. Embrace it and stop being tired of being your own worst enemy.

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