Family Counseling

All the world’s a stage…

Ever seen a Broadway stage production? The amount of work that goes into making it flawless is amazing. In order for the show to be perfect, all the performers must hit their marks and speak their lines with precision and skill.

If someone decides to change his or her lines during a performance, it will have a ripple effect on the other actors in the scene.

The other actors take their cues on what to say and where to stand from hearing their fellow actors speak their respective lines in the scene.

So, changing lines on stage has the potential to ruin the whole scene.

And all the men and women merely players.

There is striking correlation between families in everyday life and actors in a stage production.

Each family member has a role to play and a script to follow so that the show (everything the audience sees) remains as flawless as possible to those outside the family.

Like actors in a show, all family members play a part…

They help define the roles for the other family members.

They develop behaviors consistent with the beliefs of the family leadership.

Change Can Weaken the Family System

The family system forms as each interdependent and interconnected individual family member finds equilibrium

Change upsets this equilibrium.

In order to return the family system to a state of equilibrium, the family members have to take on roles to which they are not well-suited.

These role changes can be painful and lead do dysfunction in individual members.

Maintaining Family System Health

The health of the family system is only as good as the health of each member of the family.

Sometimes your family simply needs a gentle nudge to help you see what you need do to resolve ongoing conflicts.

Other times, personal issues prevent you from better integrating with your family members, and the family needs some time and space to deal with those issues.

In those cases we may recommend that the family participate in strategic individual counseling and then return the individual to the family counseling setting.

Family and Faith-Based Counseling

If you need faith-based counsel about the state of your family system, then contact us.

We can help you resolve trouble spots before they fester into full-blown crises.

And to those families currently in a full-blow crisis, we are here to offer you hope and practical guidance.