Marriages are like the oceans.

They are in a constant state of motion.

Marriages naturally ebb and flow as time passes.

There are seasons when the seas are relatively calm and you feel particularly close to your partner.

There are also times when the seas rise, and couples go through difficult times.

Marriage is not for the faint of heart.

It is a lot of work, and sometimes it is very lonely work that comes at times when it is the hardest to regain your footing.

Relationships evolve, but sometimes, you are overtaken by a rogue wave caused by your partner’s choices that is too painful for you to deal with on your own.

To get through the rough seas…

…you need help.

That’s where we can provide you with innovative options to restore your struggling marriage.

We will NOT take you through a traditional one-size-fits-all marriage program where we teach you better listening, conflict management and communication skills.

These are all important skills to have, but they won’t restore the life in your marriage

Think about how you felt on your first few dates.

You couldn’t get enough of each other. You connected at a fundamental level and would spend hours talking every night.

You didn’t need anyone to teach you better listening skills, or conflict management skills, or better communication skills to make you fall in love, did you?

Instead you did the things that drew you together as a couple and discarded fruitless things.

That’s what we focus on in our marriage counseling.

We teach you how to do the things that caused you to fall in love with your spouse in the first place.  We don’t focus on the past, we focus on your future and how to create a future together.

We can teach you to do the things that create love between you and your spouse and restore the closeness that you had when you first fell in love.

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