About Innovo Christian Counseling Center

What’s Different about Innovo

Innovo Christian Counseling Center (ICCC) is a place where you can find acceptance and encouragement in any season of your life.

When I started ICCC, we wanted to set it apart from other counseling practices by our devotion to finding what is best for you.

We wanted to preserve the penitent/clergy privacy coverage that you don’t have with other counselors.

That is one reason why we don’t bill your insurance.

We don’t feel comfortable disclosing information about your struggles with third parties. We were able to do this by requiring all of our counselors to be duly licensed and pastors/ministers in good standing with their licensing organizations.

Reach Out to Us

Once you contact us you can expect a free phone consultation with a counselor to determine if you are compatible and feel comfortable.

If all goes well, we will set up an intake appointment usually within 3 working days after you contact us.

Don’t let your pride dictate your actions any longer. Make the most important decision in your life.

Contact us today and get started on your road to healing.