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Things are changing, quite possibly forever.

Nobody has to tell you that things are not the way they once were. It is intuitively obvious. The world around us is changing.  All indications point to the conclusion that  these changes are permanent.

Today the world pulsates with energy, however our normal ways of working off that energy through working, volunteering, socializing and playing/entertaining are largely unavailable to us now.

During times like these when this world invades your life through external intrusions that force you to make unwanted change your daily routine, it’s okay to seek sources of wisdom that can help guide you to your new normal and to morn the loss of the familiar.

Who Has The Perspective That You Can Trust?

The question becomes, who has the wisdom and creativity to provide you with solutions that really work?  God does!

We are finding more and more people are choosing Faith Based counseling to provide them with timeless wisdom and insights from the bible that remain just as rich and insightful today as they did when they were first uttered.

We rely on Faith Based Christian prayer and inner healing because it introduces a dynamic into our counseling sessions that is like no other. God is infinitely creative, and through prayer we believe that we bring His trustworthy perspective directly into our counseling sessions.

We Provide Additional Privacy Enhancements

As with all therapists, you have the same counselor-client privilege at Innovo Christian Counseling where everything that you say in a counseling session is considered privileged, confidential information.

However, since ALL of our counselors are duly licensed clergy in good standing with their sponsoring organization, your privacy is also protected by the clergy-penitent privilege.

These two privileges ensure that what you say to us in one of our counseling sessions will be held in strict confidence.

Do Not Be Afraid.

It doesn’t matter how severe your condition or how embarrassing, when we include God (who created us) in our search for answers to life’s toughest problems, the solutions that he leads to never ceases to amaze us.

So the good news is that the Lord has a solution tailored for the condition you are struggling with. As Jesus said many times, “Do not be afraid”. Don’t be afraid to call us and let us help you discover your path to inner healing and wholeness.


Welcome to Innovo Christian Counseling Center

David W Carlisle

NCCA Licensed Pastoral Counselor
NCCA Professional Clinical Member

More About Me

Our practice generally appeals to Christians who vary greatly in their individual levels of faith, and who feel the need to receive confidential outside counseling that their church is unable to provide.

They don’t want just anyone monkeying around in their headspace. If they’re going to let anyone get into their heads and influence the way they’re thinking, then they want a therapist that shares their Christian faith and values. A therapist who will counsel them from a biblical standpoint.

You don’t have to be a Christian to make an appointment for counseling. All are welcome to sit down and chat with us about anything that is troubling them including spiritual matters.

We incorporate both Christian and non-Christian interventions for common mental conditions. We provide trauma informed counseling and we have a focus on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) particularly how ACEs affect the adult survivors years after the adverse experience.

You will find the help you need in the various contexts of individual, couples, and family counseling as required by each circumstance.

Regardless of your situation, you don’t have
to let your emotions ruin your life.

You can learn to manage your emotions, and we can help. Contact
Innovo Christian Counseling today.

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